Apr 17

London Marathon 2014

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2 Marathons in 7 days ! A Good Idea ?

Wednesday morning it was a trip to London to collect my number 😉 it was very exciting .


Super cool

As you can see I took a few pics !

So having ran Brighton Marathon on the previous Sunday at a relatively easy 3:14 I was quietly confident about running London a little quicker !

After a terrible nights sleep and a 4:30am wake up it was time to eat some porridge and a banana before getting into my kit and on the 7am train .

A few of us had arranged to meet at the station at 6:50am or on carriage 4 of the train .

Christ and Rick enjoying the Trevor show

It was to be the highlight of my day the train journey but I was not to no this yet ! Trevor was his normal self so we needed to keep him under control we decided a kit bag on his head would be the easiest way to get some piece n quiet

Quiet at last

Packed Tube Train

After a few tube trains we arrived at the start and it was time for me to waddle off to the Good For Age start .

Good For Age Start

I'd managed to find a couple of Arena 80 runners in the pen that would be trying for a similar target time so we decided to run together this helped to ease the nerves and before we knew it we were off .

It all began so well with perfect pacing for the first 10 miles then as my legs began to feel tired my arse cheek took the opportunity to suck the remaining energy from my brain and things started going wrong ! I'd began to struggle keeping my mind off the pain in my arse and I was no alone and beginning to feel drained .

The miles went by and to be honest id shut out all the noise of the crowds and I was blinkered on the road , I couldn't tell you I seen much of the course because I hadn't , I wanted it to be over and I just kept going until I had to stretch out my arse and off again ! I've since counted my garmin stats and it clearly shows 17 stops to stretch out my arse 🙁

A fellow Arena runner Joe thankfully picked me up around mile 24 and helped me push on to the end .

Finished finally in 3:20:19 chip time .


Well deserved Lime N Soda with the boys

Awful splits

Garmin Connect can be found here

Lovely Medal

So lesson learnt ! 2 Marathons in 7 days ain't big and it ain't clever 😉


Apr 11

Brighton Marathon Weekend part 2

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Sunday 6th April 2014

One simple task for me today , do myself proud with a decent time whilst staying injury free so I could run London Marathon the following weekend so with that in mind I decided I would help a few mates try and get round in sub3:15 or at least til 20 miles .

So me and Gaz arrived at Preston park a little later than I wanted to due to gazza's sat nav trying to take him down closed roads on route to my house but we got there eventually and soon met up with mike around the VIP Amex tent . A quick piss and shit attempt by Gaz , bags in and we made our way to the start line picking up Trevor on the way .

Before long Paula Radcliffe had us all off and away 😉 what a great buzz and feel there is in the air at the start of a marathon

A quick loop around Preston park and we were on our way , soon slipped into a nice 7:20ish pace feeling very comfortable .

Thxs for the pic matty


Cruising around the streets of brighton on the 3:15 train with my pals was a massive difference from last years busting a gut on my own and I was loving every minute of it .

Picking up gels off bec 😉


I'm not sure exactly where abouts the wheels fell off for trev but I think it was around 9 or 10 miles when it looked like he began dropping back but with 2 other passengers the train continued on the right track .

We held the pace brilliantly but the lads began to feel it around mile 18 and after a couple more miles smasher dropped back to 8 min mile pace to just leave me and Gaz to push on.

Still having fun

Still smiling

I could see Gaz was struggling a little but that man kept pushing himself and never gave in !

Mile 24 dreaded cramp set in on my right hamstring and I had to stop to straighten my leg I told Gaz to carry on and I'd catch him up and he did !

A few minutes later I'd caught Gaz up but could see he was struggling , I really wanted my goal time of sub3:15 so decided to leave him to run the last 3/4 of a mile alone , I pushed on !

I powered home running strongly on the home straight popping in a sub7 mile and crossed the line in 3:14:08 chip time ! Job done !

I waited and waited but no Gaz , 10 mins past and I had no idea where he'd gone until one of the Arena 80 lads crossed the line and told me gashed dropped and was in trouble ! Paramedics had surrounded him , he'd blacked out ! They took him away and re-hydrated him with a drip .

Gutted sub 3:15 the whole way , he'd never gave up , he ran so well !

After a bloody long walk to the medical tent I finally found him and no harm was done thank god .

Phew later checked his garmin and he blacked out at 25.73 miles a mere half a mile away from the finish 🙁

Smasher cruised home in 3:25ish and Trevor just under 4 hours

Marathon course

Perfect splits

Garmin connect page can be found here